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Dishaka History

history zafarani Zafarani is grown & packed in India. The Basmati grain is sown, cultivated and harvested in Gangetic Plains on Foothills of Himalayas. The plains are known for its very fertile soil and the rivers that water it which come from the Gigantic Mountain Range. The combination of a hot and humid climate, Alluvial Soil and high water table makes these plains ideal for the growth of this unique rice called Basmati - which means 'fragrance'. Basmati Rice is unique from all the

other rices grown in many parts of the world because of its Fluffiness, Taste, Aroma, Texture, Length of Grain when cooked, and the process of Aging. Basmati Rice ages and improves its properties over a period of time. Since the crop is cultivated once a year and is a labor intensive crop that requires constant vigil and observation at various stages of growth it makes Basmati pricy compared to other rices like Jasmine, American Long Grain, etc.

In 2006, a new Brand was launched called "Reserve" Basmati Rice which is the premium version of Zafarani Basmati Rice. Reserve Basmati Rice is even better in all aspects of Basmati´s Properties. It has a very long grain length when cooked in addition to a very strong Aroma. In a very short time, this rice has won over the hearts and mind of Basmati Rice eaters and now has a very strong following.

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